Gamer Sound Radio

Our Passion, Our Dream Came True 


This is Gamer Sound Radio, released in January 13th, 2013 by a group of Gamers from the 80’s & 90’s with the purpose of keeping the childhood spirit alive. We always believe that go
od memories never dies, they remain in our life and it’s something no one can take away from us. We thought that creating an online world wide radio station 24/7 will help us to reach anyone that loves the video games soundtrack. 
As we all grown with these fantastic video games, we remember those good old days where our major priority was playing all the greatest consoles that marked our childhood. We admire how music can change your life, your gameplay experience and how an ending credits song can make you cry. We decided on creating a 24/7 radio station where you can listen your video games songs, new songs that probably you never heard before, and of course, if you have new songs you can now submit them. Our purpose is to make you feel like playing while you are listening, it’s incredible but listening to this radio will make you smile and think that you’ve just lived the most amazing childhood and nothing can beat this! That’s why we are proud to be the unique radio dedicated to your video games passion.
Isn't great that you can listen to our video games songs now that you guys all grown up? What exactly you remember or imagine while you listen to your video games music? I guess there are a lot of feelings, maybe you drop some tears, may be you get sad or happy, it is tremendous that how a video game can merge into your existing situation on life, you could pass a difficult time and probably you were playing a video game that reminds you that, or maybe you were living the best year of your life and you were playing a video game on that time, it really does not matters what's the situation you're going through, video games it will always support you at the end! That includes the music, nostalgic beeps, sounds, SFX and soundtrack. That is the reason why we decided to create this radio, there's no such great music than video games, you probably imagine you are inside of the game playing, you can imagine a lot of things when you used to play as a kid, that innocent mind.
Special thanks and support:
Gamer Sound Radio is being supported by other radio partners like Akari Radio, The Spinning Sound Radio, Radio OKCS, Radio Anime Nexus, which are part of our inspiration to create this radio! In addition, there are some others broadcasters/announcers that inspired us to create this radio! They were part of this project and teached us how to keep alive audience, we really thank to J-Jigen Gerardo, Herzog Nesozoiko, Oswaldo Tipanpasti (Animetal), Luis Alberto Campos Munoz (Luchito Sama) and other broadcasters around the world. We love meeting new people to this radio and our gates are open to everyone around the world to join this amazing project which will continue with the rest of our life! A special thanks to all our listeners that support the radio, that gave a sincere appreciation to our hard work, to the ones that participate on each broadcasting, if it wasn't for our listeners this radio will never continue as it is today! I think it's no only me but we all need to give thanks to our parents who worked hard to buy our video games and consoles so they are part of this inspiration, I also want to thank all my friends listening to this radio and special thanks to my girlfriend who's supporting me a lot.
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